Online VISA Appointment at the Royal Thai Consulate General Dubai, United Arab Amirates.



Please read and follow instructions carefully before process your appointment

1. All applicants MUST HAVE U.A.E. residence visa
2. All documents MUST BE IN ENGLISH only
3. Online visa appointment is compulsory for EACH applicant/EACH passport

However, for those who have medical or family emergencies ONLY, can send a request to email: for a one-time emergency consideration.
The Consulate will consider the request case by case.*
4. All required information has to be TYPED
5. A confirmed appointment has to be printed out and bring along to the Consulate-General
6. All applicants over15 years old must come in person to the Consulate-General for their visa submission/interview.
7. Detailed visa information is on the home page link to consular services
Type of visa click here
8. Visa on arrival click here and Online Application for visa on arrival click here
9. Some countries require to submit yellow fever vaccination click here
10. Please wear respectable clothing. Wearing revealing shorts or knee length pants not allowed, short skirts or shirts, spaghetti strapped blouses, bare midriffs, tubes tanks, see-through dresses, singlet, halters, camisoles, motorcycle helmet and sunglasses will not be permitted to enter the Consulate parameter. You may be barred entry due to improper dress attire.


  • Please be advised to make your appointment at least 10 days in advance before your departure date

  • The Royal Thai Consulate-General reserves the right to reject any application

  • The Royal Thai Consulate-General reserves the right to request for additional document.

  • Submitting forged document will be refused and banned for future submission

  • The Consulate-General has not authorized any agency or travel agents to process the Thai visa. All visa payments in case only must be paid directly to the Consulate-General

  • Royal Thai Consulate General has no  authority to issue visa for the national of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • I confirm that I have read, understand and agree to the above information and procedure